Core Security
Intelligence is processed information that enables more informed decision-making by identifying threats, developments and opportunities within your area of operations and interest.

This intelligence can be used to determine the level of security risk an enterprise faces.

It is important to understand that intelligence operations are not evidentiary in nature. Rather, the goal of intelligence is to gather and process relevant information to determine which future outcomes are more likely. This information can then be used to guide investigative operations which, in turn, gather the necessary evidence.


In our relentless pursuit of innovation and value-added, we examined the security industry's current "investigations business model".

We found that it doesn't fully leverage the capabilities investigators bring to the table - namely the wherewithal to conduct systematic inquiries - a hallmark of the intelligence function.

So we dragged investigations into the intelligence portfolio of services to create a cross functional capability in counter-intelligence (protect, prevent) and compliance (police). The latter is particularly significant because of the growing number of companies currently seeking supply chain security certifications with US Customs and Border Protection, Canada Border Services Agency, and the Transported Asset Protection Association.


1. Want to ensure the security of your assets in a dynamic global environment. Need to know who and what poses a threat to you in your area of interest. Want to make faster, informed decisions when it comes to managing security risks?
Core's intelligence professionals perform a comprehensive examination of your Area of Interest, then monitor it for changes that may affect your business continuity and physical security. Regular reports are delivered to senior decision-makers for action.

2. Want to show that your business complies with regulatory imperatives, standards and policies?
Core's auditors conduct a comprehensive review, and evaluate the strength and thoroughness of your compliance.

3. Want to know how vulnerable you are to information gathering activities by a competitor or other hostile elements?
Core's intelligence and security personnel perform a intensive examination of your business’s ability to thwart and deter those who would gather information on you.

4. Want to know how vulnerable you are to criminal activities?
Core provides a detail assessment of the vulnerability of your enterprise to criminal activity.

5. Want to know about a prospective or current employee.
Core performs detailed background check that includes a social media profile. Core can also investigate any discrepencies.

6. Need to learn more, resolve doubt or solve a problem in a corporate, criminal, civil,or domestic matter. Need to locate persons and/or witnesses, obtain written statements, and conduct background investigations.
Core has discrete, experienced professionals that are committed to finding the facts and any other pertinent information by means of investigation, research, and directed communication while working within the framework of ethics and the law.