Core Security
Mobile Security

For clients that determine on-site security unnecessary, CORE provides mobile security service. We will patrol your area at any intervals you feel is sufficient. With our innovative patrol rates, you decide on the amount of time a patrol car spends at your facility. It can be as simple as a drive-by to a dismounted patrol that tests all accessible gates, doors, and windows to make sure they are secured, reports the conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police and to ensure no unauthorized persons are trespassing on private property

mobile security

There is a fundamental shortfall with mobile patrols that only perform random checks - namely no value. Esentially, mobile patrols are not cost effective. So security companies try to fit in as many patrols as they can. This often turns into to a race to get as many sites "tagged" as humanly possible. No one is really looking to spend any time at the site. Besides we all know the "bad guys" are watching and waiting for the patrol to leave. For a solution to this problem, have a look here