Core Security
A supply chain is an interconnected system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. It starts with the sourcing of raw materials and ends with the delivery of products and services to the end-user, either in a wholesale or retail environment.

Supply chain security is the planning and management of all activities involved in securing a supply chain. A supply chain is secure when it can deter and resist unauthorized acts that are designed to cause intentional harm or damage. Conversely, it is insecure when it cannot successfully deter or resist such acts. The security of a supply chain can vary from highly secure to highly insecure. It can also be secure relative to some threats, but insecure to others. Therefore, security risk management is central to any decision-making regarding supply chain security.

In today's complex global environment, governments and businesses are facing a myriad of supply chain security risks. The growing complexity of modern supply chains and the opportunities they present to criminals and terrorists can make managing your security risks problematic, particularly for those businesses that operate in the developing world and across national and regional jurisdictions. To mitigate these challenges Core supply chain security team has developed a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services to help you successfully identify and mitigate security risks. We have grouped these under three headings - protect, police, and prevent.

PROTECT - TO GUARD, PATROL, OBSERVE. Protection is the cornerstone of any security effort. In this regard, Core can provide UNIFORMED SECURITY, MOBILE PATROLS , and SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONS. The deployment of these assets are usually the result of a SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT that identifies the threat and its probability and potential severity.
POLICE - TO COMPLY. Compliance serves two purposes - assures senior management that they have taken every measure to mitigate risk, and assures your supply chain partners and customers that you take security seriously. READ MORE
PREVENT - TO DETER. Research demonstrates that offenders cannot be literally prevented from committing crimes. However, you can take measures to increase the threat of apprehension. This is done by understanding how the threat perceives the effectiveness of your security measures. This is an INTELLIGENCE function.


1. Want a one-stop source for your supply chain security needs.
Through its strategic partnerships, Core is your single source of security services. Remember, our partners are specialists in their field.

2. Require a cost-effective and extremely reliable solution for monitoring your property after business hours.
Core installs and operates a remote detection and surveillance system complete with IP digital video cameras, motion detectors, alarm verification and response.

3. Require a professional physical presence to patrol your property.
Core provides trained and licensed security professionals to patrol your property and provide high or low visibility security presence.

4. Require a cost effective solution for controlling access to your property.
Core installs and operates access control systems that are remotely managed through our Security Operations Centre. This saves you the cost of purchasing and maintaining access control software onsite.

5.Require measured and physical access control to your property to include checking ID, screening personnel, bags and cargo.
Core provides a trained, highly visible and professional presence in uniform or jacket and tie